ENCYSEC is a pilot project with the overall objective to increase the security and resilience of Information Communication Technologies networks in the beneficiary countries by building and training local capacities to adequately prevent, respond to and prosecute cyber attacks and/or accidental failures.

Component 1: CERT Capacity Building

Support on establishment/strengthening of operational CERTs units

Facilitation of joint cyber security exercises  Advice on development of specific curriculum/training course for CERT officers

Component 2: Cybersecurity strategies and awareness raising

Advice on creation and adoption of national cyber security strategies (including advice on policy, financial and legal implications)

Advice on raising awareness on cyber security, including organisation of national and international workshops for decision makers and a closing conference

Component 3: Enhancing Cooperation: PPPs and International cooperation

Enhance cooperation between government and private sector on Cyber Security and advice on creation of new  flexible and updated academic curricula including computer science (CS), and science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) degrees

Cooperation with international bodies in the field of cyber security

Facilitation of participation in international events on cyber security for the CERTs and 24/7 points of contact